Croc Hunter

Steve Irwin, the “Crocodile Hunter“, has died.

At a time when our planet is suffering the most from our species gross negligence, it has lost one of its greatest champions.

Thankfully, he spent his life building a gathering of fans, and instilling within them a newfound love of the environment. I have a great hope that his fans will carry on his legacy by taking the small steps in their daily lives to further the cause of conservation.

We owe him that.

Environmentalism often gets beaten into the ground by us musicians. Most musicians have a tendancy to make a cause seem trite. No wonder … as most contemporary musicians have the IQ of a Marmot. I hope I don’t inspire the same disinterest.

Steve, unlike we artists, came with a credibility. He could be just as crazy and awe inspiring as a Rock Star, but we all knew it was genuine.

His foundation, Wild Life Warriors puts every dollar you donate directly to work saving animals in the wild.

Thank you Steve,


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