QOTD–Thomas Jefferson


“All Men are Created Equal”

–Thomas Jefferson

Perhaps the most important words ever written down in any official capacity by an American.  They have given weight and authority over the years of our history by Men like Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, and even those who were not born Americans, like Gandhi.

Does it mean that we are LITERALLY all born equal?  no.  That’s rediculous.   It isn’t a statement about biology.  We aren’t all born tall, or short, or with Newtons Mind, or Down syndrome.

But are all born equal UNDER THE LAW.  And that is where the power lies.  If you understand that correctly, you understand what it means to be an American.  If not, keep studying.

It always saddens me that we had to Commit genocide, enslave millions, and reek environmental havoc just to prove to the world that those words meant something.  Ironic. at best.

I don’t think the soul of the country has fully grasped itself, as yet.  Maybe it never will.


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