Hillary, out of the Shadows


Many Questions have been flying through the tunnels of the media recently as the world has become more and more aware of the eminent presidential bid by Hillary Rodham Clinton.



Questions about whether Bill will “behave”, whether his massive stardom will over run her own, whether she can rise from the shadow of her husband.


And these are somewhat valid questions to ask.  But, realistically, if she becomes president, they are’t the questions that will continue to be truly relevant.  In fact, they obscure those questions that are.


Unfortunately, however, Political news coverage is not designed to ask the real questions pertaining to governance, but rather designed to cover the “Game” of politics.  Political News is just that … purely political.  Tactics, strategy, and the arm wrestling of a winning campaign dominate the headlining stories.


Did Bush make a fumble?  Did Kerry slip up? Is Al Gore too Boring?


In contrast, Gallup last month asked 1,003 people from the general public to state what comes to mind about Hillary.

13% said they disliked her.

10% said she’s qualified to be president.

9% said she’s riding Bill’s shirttails.

8% called her strong.

6% called her intelligent.

6% called her dishonest and said they didn’t trust her.


Only 9% of the public in that poll even brought up the former President!


I am not a Hillary Flag waver.  Truth be told, I wish Al Gore would run again.  (He won’t.)  But, Hillary deserves a fair shot.  And in a thriving democracy, a fair shot means that we (and by extension the Media) ask her RELEVANT questions about whether she has what it takes to be president of the greatest nation on the planet.


  1. Can she take on an executive role?
  2. Can she deal with the Republicans?
  3. Can she deal with the quagmire in Iraq?
  4. Can she deal with the international threat of Terrorism?
  5. Can she bring on a better economic Future?
  6. Can she deal with China and North Korea?
  7. Can she do something about health-care?


These and many more questions should be asked every candidate equally.  And their personal lives (her marriage) should be left off the table.


If a Candidates personal life does not involve anything illegal, then it is not relevant to the campaign.  Period.


Remember in 1992 when Hillary was being bashed for not being “domestic” enough.  And she responded with her weird, “I make a mean tossed Salad,” remark?  NOT RELEVANT!!  How exactly does her abilities as a cook relate to her husbands (candidate at the time) qualifications for office?


“Can Bill cook?”  we might ask this time around.


I don’t care if Bill has an entire harem, and Hillary’s totally cool about it.  It doesn’t make a damned bit of difference.


I want to be safe from Terrorists.  I want a stable economic environment.  I want to contain China.  I want to help the Third world transition gracefully into the first.  And I want to protect the planetary system from greedy Republicans.


If she can offer THAT, then I’m listening.







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