Song of the Week

This is a new thing.  I’m gonna post one of my songs on here in Mp3 format each week.  I’ll post it as high a quality as I can, absolutely FREE.  Many of them will be rough cuts, and new stuff.  Things you won’t get anywhere else.

This will give some a chance to check out what I do, who have never heard my stuff.  And it offers me a place to promote my stuff, and try new things.   Helps all of us.

Here we go:

Sing Your Songs

Sing your Songs

Copyright © 2006, Saij


You covered us with gold leaf baby

and sparkles from the moon

But with all the shine and polish, baby

we’re the darkest in the room


You ain’t gotta sing your songs in here

you ain’t gotta pull me by the ear

you ain’t gotta drown me with you tongue

and your body and your tears

you ain’t gotta stab me with you eye

you ain’t gotta hold me by the fly

you ain’t gotta hit me with you hand

and with your body and your mind


you were the black satin dancer

moving with the mandolin

but with all the desperate breathing baby

we can’t go back again



we got our ancient faces baby,

like two rain beaten stones

and the ripples hug the river baby

and they tap the closing tones



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