National Review Vs. MLK

The National Review has not often been at the healm of progress.  For all of their “conservatism”, they can’t reconcile their disgust of universal freedom and equality.  Today their vitrol is aimed at homosexual America.  In the not too distant past, it was aimed at one of the Greatest sons the Nation has ever had.

This is From the 1959 National Review archives:

The soberly-dressed “clerky” little man… seemed oddly unsuited to his unmentioned but implicit role of propagandist…. Let me say at once, for the benefit of the wicked, fearful South, that Martin Luther King wil never rouse a rabble; in fact, I doubt very much if he could keep a rabble awake… past its bedtime… lecture… delivered with all the force and fervor of the five-year-old who nightly recites: “Our Father, Who art in New Haven, Harold be Thy name.”…

This was compiled by Brad DeLong


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