Gore-Obama Ticket for 2008

 al_gore.jpgBarack Obama

Robert Wright is trying to coerce a Gore-Obama ticket.   He’s trying to get the rumour mill running.  So, I figured I’d oblige and do my part.  If for no other reason, than because it just sounds funny.

Obama has no resume.  He has very little staying power in a general election.  (of course, that could change by 2012 or 2016.)  But, as for now, he is running completely on charisma.

Gore, on the other hand, is at this point an elder statesman.  And very well trusted by most Americans.  But, charisma is not exactly his strong-suit.

Disclaimer: My blogging this is not a sign that I am endorsing the Idea (though I’d love Gore to run).  But, rather a symbol of my endorsement of Robert Wright.


2 responses to “Gore-Obama Ticket for 2008

  1. GORE/OBAMA in 2008.
    Write it down. It’s gonna happen & it NEEDS TO HAPPEN.


    p.s. Worst. Prez. Ever.
    (easy to figure: GWB)

  2. If Gore ran, I’d vote for him regardless of who he picked as vice. At least we’d finally have someone who understood how important the current environmental situation is. That alone would make him a great president.

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