The Battle: Global Warming vs. Climate Change … tonight on TNT

Even the New York Times is falling for the Right wing BS-campaign to change the name of “Global Warming” (which carries all of the appropriate connotations of what is actually happening) to “Climate Change” (which the Right hopes will lessen the urgency of the problem in the public’s mind).

That said, the article is actually rather on target, and not at all in the camp of anti-environmental propoganda.

The irony, is that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a group with a very PC title, has just issued a report saying that it is about 90% likely that the warming of the earth since 1950 has been caused by the excessive burning of fossil fuels and the associated green-house gasses. They also warn of future rising of sea levels and ever more warming.

The PR campaign is just not enough to blunt the facts on the ground. Thank god.

For my part however, I’m gonna continue to call it Global Warming.


2 responses to “The Battle: Global Warming vs. Climate Change … tonight on TNT

  1. Please don’t read a political motive into the naming of our problem!

    It does not really matter what anyone calls it as long as they take action to address global warming or climate change or the climate challenge or the climate crisis now!

    As the globe warms, our climate changes. The situation is a challenge and will become a major crisis if we do nothing. If people use the words that appeal to them and best suit their personalities and approaches to mobilise against this threat, we’ll succeed in minimising the effects in decades’ time.

    Warming confuses many people because they see local snow or storms and think (incorrectly) that “snow=cold=not hot=not warming=not global warming”
    and also “no snow=warming=pleasant T-shirt winter weather in the North!”
    So either way, snow or no snow, they remain obstinately confused šŸ˜‰

    P.S. IP”CC”, after all, ends in “Climate Change” and the EPA says this:

    Climate Change or Global Warming?
    “The phrase ‘climate change’ is growing in preferred use to ‘global warming’ because it helps convey that there are changes in addition to rising temperatures.”
    The National Academies
    More information
    News Release – EPA’s Climate Change Site replaces EPA’s Global Warming Site. An archive of the Global Warming Site is available.

  2. I admit that I was taking it a bit far, partly for fun. Whatever it’s called, it is a serious concern. However, there has been a distinct effort on the part of the Bush Administration and the Rebublicans to alter the publics view of the problem by calling it “climate change.” Rather than Global Warming.

    You’re right to state that there are very legitamate sources that are also calling it that, for very good reasons.

    But we would be remiss to deny the devil’s existence. Propoganda and politics each play a significant role in the real world of results and pulblic perception, whether we like it or not.

    The acuracy arguement to change the name is actually quite good, as you have stated. But, the right wing is hardly using it for that purpose.

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