Soviet Seattle

Soviet Seattle

Here’s a Sob story about “closet” Republicans in Seattle.   Ridiculous.

Of course there is some merit to the argument, but it is remarkably hypocritical.  Seattle, and Portland are certainly safe havens for hard core liberal thought, and like all havens, it’s weary of outsiders.  But, as soon as you get into the suburbs of either city, the tide turns in the exact opposite direction.

I know, I grew up in one.  I have been harrased so many times I could never write about it all.  And I’m a straight, white man!  But, since I dress a bit different, and have long hair, that’s enough.

Once I was walking home from school, and I heard a man yelling, “Fucking Faggot!!” from the window of a Moving truck.  He then proceeded to throw a Beer Bottle (un-opened) at my head.  I ducked.  If he’d not yelled, I wouldn’t have seen it coming, and I would have hit.

I got jumped in a bar, because a guy thought I was gay (I was wearing a “salmon” color shirt).  It ended up being a huge brawl.  I’d have been killed had it not been for a couple big guys who I was with stepping in.

My first Girlfriend was Black.  My high-school was full of almost exclusively Republican kids.  When they found out I was dating a black girl, I got swastika’s plastered on my locker, and was constantly harangued.

A black girl (one of 3) at my high-school was lassoed by a guy in a moving truck, in the parking lot.  He wasn’t punished, it was, “just kids play.”  She didn’t think so.

Everyone I knew hated Mexicans and Fags, and used the excuse, “nigger isn’t a bad word, it just means ‘dirty person’.”

Don’t give me that shit, that Republicans have is SO bad.  I’m a conservative.  I believe in Free Trade, hard work, and ingenuity.  I want low taxes, and government to stay out of the peoples lives.  I believe in having a strong military.  And I think NAFTA was a good thing.

All of that brands me an outsider as a resident of inner Portland city.  And I get a lot of shit about my political beliefs.  But, I have never had to deal with the level of violence I did in the suburbs.  And I’ll never go back.

Get real.  Republicans, as a group, are racist and homophobic, and very loud about it.  Turn on Fox news, or listen to Shawn Hannity.  Not exactly spreading the love.

Both extremes HATE eachother.  That’s democracy.  Get over it.

I have no problem with lots of political yelling back and forth.  Even a few (Rove Style) dirty political tricks.

I do have a problem with people lynching a young gay kid.  Or tying up a black man to the back of your car and dragging him around town until he’s dismembered and dead.  Or Bombing abortion clinics.

The Right needs to get off of its high horse, and start taking stalk of the violence in its ranks, by “good ‘ole boys,” and the “devout.”


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