1 Nickle to every Dollar

The National Landscapes Conservation System (NLCS)  is a branch of the US Bureau of Land Management (BLM), which is responsible for more of your public land than any other agency.

According to Daniel R. Patterson

The Bureau of Land Management’s NLCS gets $1.16 per acre, or $58k per unit.

The National Park Service gets $2B

NPS 390 units cover 84M acres.

NPS gets $23.81 per acre, or $5.1M per unit.

So for every dollar NPS gets, BLM NLCS gets a nickel ($20:1).

This discrepency doesn’t highlight that we’re spending too much on National Parks.  Rather that we aren’t spending enough on National Landscapes.  Many of these are “multiple use”, which makes them even more vulnerable.

The white house has exploited that.  And the budget reflects it.

According to AI Architect

National Landscape Conservation System, Western States. Encompassing 26 million acres in 12 Western states, the system includes dozens of national monuments, conservation and wilderness areas, historic trails, and wild and scenic rivers. Established by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) with the purpose of protecting entire landscapes of cultural and natural values, the system—threatened in part by theft and vandalism—and BLM’s ability to provide protection of these sites is seriously hampered by chronic understaffing and underfunding.

Patterson’s calling for his Arizona Rep’s to do something about it.  Here in Oregon, we should be doing the same, before we lose what makes Oregon Oregon.


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