Ethics in the way of Science

 Ethics panels are potentially a good thing.  We want to make sure somebody is checking up on unscrupulous scientists who are being cruel not only to animals, but to people.  We’ve all heard the horror stories.

But, recently, it seems the Ethicist are the ones being cruel and unusual.

From a New York Times Report:

Among the incidents cited in recent report by the American Association of University Professors are a review board asking a linguist studying a preliterate tribe to “have the subjects read and sign a consent form,” and a board forbidding a white student studying ethnicity to interview African-American Ph.D. students “because it might be traumatic for them.”

It’s one thing to protect people and animals from physical trials that could cause long term bodily harm.

But when we’re even putting up roadblocks for historical and anthropological research that is in NO WAY physically harmful, things have gotten ridiculous!

More proof, that scientific oppression can come from many sources that aren’t religious.

What’s next?  The banning of Silly Walks research?

Silly Walk Ethics Panel


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