God, Guns, and Gays: Do We Need a 3rd Party?

(the above is from the ever frightening GodHatesFags.com)

It used to be Race and Sexism and Abortion.  But increasingly the Political line between left and right is defined by ones position on God, on Guns, and on Gays.  Today it’s this, yesterday it was that.  But it’s always some small set of hot button issues that match one half of the nation against the other. Many have called for 3rd or even 4th parties to join in the choir so that we may depolarize the nation a bit, and have parties that more closely resemble the people they portent to represent. But I am against taking that idea too far, for it smacks of direct democracy, a system mired in problems far worse than ours.

We live in a pluralistic country, with only 2 parties of substance: The Democrats and The Republicans. It is a Nation where each person harbors a large amalgam of beliefs, individual, unique, some wonderful, others scary as hell.  But the parties themselves are polarized to the extreme. And they are that way by design.

A person is rarely far from center when the totality of their beliefs are averaged.  But a people are too often prone to  fanaticism and  extremism based on emotional states rooted strictly in the moment.  Our system is set up so that no one party, no one majority can ever gain ultimate control.

The constitution of the United States was written in part as a check on the power of the majority against the needs of the minority. The country was founded on the principles of freedom and the right of even the smallest to be heard, not to pander to the whims of a fickle public.

Never forget, Hitler was voted in with a Majority. His party, the Nazi party, began their rule with a mandate. But in Germany you did not need over 50% to win, because there were multiple parties all vying for the same titles. In an atmosphere like that, insurgents can gain whilst moderates bicker.

Our founding fathers realized the potential of this problem, and left us a system that pits half of us against the other half. Both Political Parties trapped forever in an un-winnable battle over control of the country, leaving the public (and more specifically, the minorities in that public) free from government sanctioned mass oppression of it’s enemies.

Of course, there are presidential administrations (hint) that push the line, but our constitution inevitably pulls them back in (even if only because of term limits).

It is also true that most of us often feel betrayed by the party we belong to. We feel as though we’re just choosing the lesser of 2 evils in any given election. That is normal. And cannot be helped. We don’t live in a utopia. Our system is not perfect, but it’s likely the best ever put forward. (though I’m open to improvements that wouldn’t undermine the freedom of the people).

We live in a Republic, and like all Republics, ours’ survives on a tenuous string of existence, balanced just barely over a bubbling vat of molten rock, where devilish creatures pine for the fall.

I am against the pluralistic parliamentary systems used in other democracies. For while it is true that they bring a country closer to direct democracy, that direct democracy is both unconstitutional, and by definition, un-American, and has within it the seeds of minority oppression and the tyranny of the majority.

I realize the Left and Right attempts at third party insurgency have historically been loaded with good intentions, but if I am to choose between 20 years of a Clinton-plus-Bush dynasty or Hitler … I’ll choose Clinton-Bush.



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