Sean Hannity the Heretic

A Catholic Priest calls Sean Hannity a Heretic on Hannity’s own show.

Hannity in his usual manner neglects the Theological discussion that he’s clearly losing and decides to bash on the Priest for the wider Church involvement in the Sex Scandals.  Bait and Switch.

Hannity, who once was a seminary student, disagrees with the church on the issue of birth control (as do I, but I’m an Agnostic).  But, as a Catholic, a man a part of a hierarchical faith, he is bound to follow the decrees of the Pope.  And it is on these grounds, these Dogmatic Grounds, that Hannity is being called out.

The argument is not about birth control.  That’s not why the Priest came on the show.  The argument is about Hannity’s faith, and his role in the media as a Catholic.  But Hannity won’t address it.  Classic Hannity.


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