Shooting at SE 39th and Holgate, March 12


A White Man 5’8” tall, wearing a red hat and shorts fired a gun at a couple of police officers in SE Portland Oregon today.  This is my neighborhood.

Just a few weeks ago, a clerk on Belmont street was shot in the head. It may just be my perseption, but I feel like crime rates have increased as of late.  And I’m pissed off about it.

I suspect it’s the tweekers.  Meth is an ever growing problem here in Portland, and I feel like there isn’t enough being done about it.  Meanwhile our prisons are filling up with pot heads.  We’re wasting all kinds of taxpayer cash putting away people who are too stoned to commit crimes, and are not able to use that money on the people who are the most fucked up, and most prone towards violence, and need years of rehab to get past it.

The guy who did the shooting today may not have been a tweeker.  Just a nut with a gun.  This is America, and we have plenty of them.  But, the point is that Meth has created an environment of crime that fosters more of the same.

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