Gay, no Way! Churches Against Oregon Anti Gay Discrimination Legislation

There are 2 new bills being considered by the Oregon Senate Judiciary Committee: Senate Bill 2 and Senate Bill 500

They are both basically anti-discrimination measures designed to protect the homosexual community. Of course, Churches has voiced the largest opposition, as has the Oregon Family Council.

Not too surprising. Christians in America love the sanctioned oppression of gay people. Among the complaints is that gay people aren’t even really discriminated against at all. That’s just retarded.

Another is

Roger Martin, a lobbyist representing the Oregon Catholic Conference, said the Catholic community has serious questions about the proposals.

“The Catholic church does not believe in discrimination,” he said. However, Martin added, “The Catholic church does not want to be dictated to as to who it can employ.”

I’d like to see this kind of law finally put on the books. The Equality of Homosexuals is the last frontier of the Civil Rights Movement, and it’s about time we took it seriously in our Governmental institutions.


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