Global Warming takes a Big Bite out of Arctic Sea Ice

Arctic Sea Ice Melting, Polar Bears loss

The Telegraph has an article about Dwindling Arctic Sea Ice.  The scariest line is this:

Some computer models even predict an ice-free Arctic Ocean in September by 2050.

Our Ice capped world may be Ice Capped no more.  Can you image the earth without Arctic sea ice?  No more Polar Bears. 

But, it’s not just the bears that will suffer.

Scientists at the University of Colorado warn in the journal Science of a link between Arctic sea ice loss and changes in atmospheric patterns. These patterns could result in reduced rainfall in the American West and increased precipitation over western and southern Europe.

Here in the Pacific North West, I think we’re already seeing it.  As a case study, February, normally the rainiest of all months in Portland Oregon, was dry as John Cleese.


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