America Hates Comedy: Garrison Keiller and Ann Coulter

Garrison Keiller of Prairie Home Companion has been getting blasted recently by many in both the Gay community, and in the general Lefty-PC community for this comment:

I favor marriage between people whose body parts are not similar. I’m sorry, but same-sex marriage seems timid, an attempt to save on wardrobe and accessories. Marrying somebody from your team. Still, it’s probably good for them to have to fight for the right to marry. My parents eloped against strong opposition from both families and they were in love for the rest of their lives and held hands and were tender on into their 80s. Of course they always had fresh strawberries.

Of course, Garrison Keiller is a comedian. And it was a joke. I realize in print, sarcasm, and sly jokes are hard to fully understand without the aid of vocal tonality, but that doesn’t change the fact that anyone who has any familiarity with Keiller’s work should understand that it was a JOKE. And it was funny.

This country is starting to really get to me on the comedy front. People seem to forget what Lenny Bruce once said:

It’s the suppression of the word that gives it the power, the violence, the viciousness.

Our problem is not people saying these words. It’s people MEANING them. If you take away the power of a word, then those who would misuse it will no longer be able to …

make some six-year-old black kid cry because somebody called him a nigger at school.

It’s just like sex and death. Hands down sex and death are the funniest topics around. Why? Because they are so SERIOUS!

Here’s Woody Allen:

I believe in 2 things: Sex and Death. 2 things that only come around once in a lifetime. But at least after Death you don’t feel Nauseous.

Laughter at serious subjects is cathartic and healing. It is deeply important. And the fact that so many people get up in arms about something as simple as a joke from someone we all KNOW is not homophobic is insane and counter productive.

The reason Ann Coulter’s comments were a problem was not so much because of who said them … but because of the reaction of her applauding audience of right wing zealots who we all know ARE homophobic.

Human beings are a horrible species. That is just a fact. If it isn’t Homophobia, it’s racism. If not racism, it’s xenophobia. My team is better than yours. My town is great, you’re sucks ass. We always find a reason to hate each other. To separate ourselves out into groups in order to justify the otherness of anyone who isn’t within our own community.

This is reality, jack, and it is up to us to learn to deal with this reality. And lucky for us, mother nature, in her obsession with balance, gave us a coping mechanism: humor.

We may be the most disgusting, horrible, mindlessly violence-prone, son-of-a-bitch animal on this planet. But we’re also, by far, the funniest.

It’s the best thing we have to negate our worst tendencies. It is the antigen to our evil.

I realize people don’t like gray areas. But gray areas exist and this is one of them. Humor lives in those gray areas and thrives in them, bringing to life the best of who we are out of the darkest parts of our nature.

People who have a hard time seeing the beauty that lives in between the black and the white are going to have a hard time laughing at a joke they don’t understand. Too bad for them.

But don’t let them push their closed minded, selfish, narrow world view onto the rest of us. If we’re going to beat back those bigoted ass holes, we’ll need all the jokes we can get.


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