Charlie Rose Interviews Lorenzo Albacete about the New Pope

Charlie Rose Interviewed Monsignor Lorenzo Albacete about Pope Benedict XVI right after his inauguration.  And some of the discussion was quite interesting.

CHARLIE ROSE: What does it mean to be human? What does it mean to be human today?

LORENZO ALBACETE: What does it mean to be human today. And then what is—what is the exact nature of our unity to transcendence and the mystery? All these things are up for grabs today. And so, somebody who has studied this and can begin to formulate a proposal for this, I think they saw in this man the most competent of the whole bunch.

CHARLIE ROSE: You think that’s what happened, they looked around and said this guy…


CHARLIE ROSE: … is the most competent guy.

LORENZO ALBACETE: He knows exactly… He is the best surgeon that we have at this moment. And if he can sing and dance, fine. And we’ll see. And as I say, he can play the piano. But that in the end is not what matters. What matters is does he understand the moment we are living through? And I think he does.

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