Hillary Pays off Liberal Bloggers

According to  Solid Politics,  Hillary has been paying liberal bloggers to advertise on their sites.  Here’s a Break down:

DailyKos.com — $4,900.00
TalkingPointsMemo.com — $2,500.00
CrooksandLiars.com — $2,500.00
Firedog Lake — $2,500.00
Eschaton — $2,500.00
America Blog — $2,000.00
Washington Monthly Blog — $1,500.00
Political Wire — $1,000.00
TalkLeft — $700.00
The Agonist — $450.00
Hullabaloo — $400.00
(Source: Blogads.com’s Liberal Blog Advertising Network)

There have been raised questions about conflict of interest, because many see blogs as a form of journalism.

I don’t.  And I’m a blogger.  Lets face it, Blogs are OPINION pieces.  We Bloggers are already loaded with “interest”.  A Blog is essentially a long running editorial.  It is NOT hard journalism where we go out and gather the facts ourselves and present it in an objective fashion.  We not only HAVE opinions, but we have no qualms with writing them in ALL CAPS just to make our point.  Hardly objective.

I don’t care if Kos takes money from Hillary.  That’s his deal.   Blogs are just a way of one citizen practicing their right to free speech, and he’s practicing his.   Honestly, wouldn’t it be more surprising if he’d taken money from Romney?  Now that would have been wild.


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