McCain Still Protecting King George

In John McCain’s Speech yesterday at the Virginia Military Institute, he said a lot of good things and sounded a bit like his old, 2000 campaign, self.  But, because of his heavy campaigning for President Bush in 2004, and his lashing himself so closely to the Bush War policy (especially the Surge), his own 2008 Presidential bid is mired in conflict with itself.

John McCain knows and is very vocal about the failings of the leadership the dragged us down into this abyss.   But, he’s still so closely aligned with Bush on the current strategy, that he has come to play the appologist.

Democrats argue we should redirect American resources to the ‘real’ war on terror, of which Iraq is just a sideshow. But whether or not al Qaeda terrorists were a present danger in Iraq before the war, there is no disputing they are there now, and their leaders recognize Iraq as the main battleground in the war on terror. Today, al Qaeda terrorists are the ones preparing the car bombs, firing the Katyusha rockets, planting the IEDs. They maneuver in the midst of Iraq’s sectarian conflict, sparking and fueling the horrendous violence, destroying efforts at political reconciliation, killing innocents on both sides in the hope of creating a conflagration that will cause Americans to lose heart and leave, so they can return to their primary mission — planning and executing attacks on the United States, and destabilizing America’s allies.

He’s admitting that the War in Iraq has hightened the problem of Al Qaeda in the region but doesn’t clearly name the people who got us (and the Iraqi’s) into this mess:  Donald Rumsfeld, Cheney, and of course the King himself, George W. Bush.

The current mess is his basis for remaining.  It’s a realists perspective.  But, one that has little political capital.

I would rather lose a campaign than a war.

Unfortuanately for him, it may just work out that way.


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