Premarital Sex: Not Just For the Younger Generation

It has been a part of popular lore for some time that Premarital sex is a scourge of the younger generations.  But, it turns out that is not true.  According to an article in “Public Health Reports” called “Trends in Premarital Sex in the United States, 1954–2003,” Even among women born in 1940’s, nearly 9 people in 10 had premarital Sex.

Of course, that isn’t wholly surprising, since if you were born in the 1940’s, then you’d be in your 20’s during the 1960’s.  Need I say more.  But, the study still raises a number of questions.

The Christian Right is constantly putting its head in the sand over this issue, but it isn’t going away.  A humanbeing’s Biology is too strong.  If we don’t get married soon after puberty, then we are not going to remain Abstinent until we finally DO get married.  That’s cold reality.  The only logical ways then to reduce the cases of teen pregnancy and the spread of STI’s is to EITHER

1 .  Lower the legal age of marraige to about 14 or 15.  (Strange.  And since kids are going through puberty at earlier and earlier ages, we’d need to continue lowering it over time.  Who knows when the curve would bottom out … Zigote?)

2.  OR, accept that people will have a few partners before they finally decide to marry in their late 20’s or even later, and teach them how to be safe about it.

Hopefully, whoever ends up in the Big Office in Washington next time will have a bit better grasp of reality.


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