School Sex Scandal: The Case Against Local News

This is why I don’t watch local news:  KGW, a local station here in Portland, has on their front page a Video of a Principle and a Science teacher at a high-school having sex.  And there is, of course, a backlash by parents.

Parents are all up in arms because of a case of sexual activity on school grounds.  But, wait.  The act DIDN’T involve a child.  It was 2 adults.  Sure it was on the clock, and that has implication, but it isn’t as though we haven’t heard of “on the job love making” (Oval office anyone?) .  It happens all the time in every profession.  Just because in this case it was at a school isn’t going to change the reality that people are sexual by nature, and are going to succumb to their desires periodically.  Nearly all of our movies are based on this concept of desire overriding our intellect.  It’s called “human nature”.

Do you really think that Camp Councilors don’t sneak off in the dark, once the kids are asleep, for a little “night cap” with one another.

Again, The two adults involved were engaging in CONSENSUAL sex.  There was no minor involved.  It wasn’t rape.  It was just two adult people doing what people do.

For me, the most “shocking” things about this are 1.  That it was filmed in the first place. (Who set up the camera?  Who decided to email the clip to parents?  What kind of creepy-weirdo goes through all of that?  The Jealous History teacher, perhaps?)  And 2. That it made it to the front page of the website.

The real news is not the story.  It’s the Story about the Story and what it says about our country.


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