Poem of the Day: Villanelle, or: Study of Terza Rima

 This Poem is one I wrote as a study of a particular pair of forms called the Villanelle and Terza Rima.  It doesn’t follow the forms exactly but uses them as a jumping off point.  Terza Rima was first used by Dante in his Devine Comedia.

This poem is from my recent book, “On the Bestial Floor.

Villanelle, or: Study of Terza Rima
(c) Copyright 2007,  Saij

East of sleep and dreams,
the dim coming times,
like a sea that brooks no means.

Carve’n dreamer fell,
hung like sweating leaves,
drip down the garden well.

The peddles feast and descend,
they walk a show and tell,
where the sand and sea have hardened.

Of these, and of the age,
I’m here to play the warden,
where bursting tears splay the cage.

And on a silent singing thread
we shadowed ‘cross the stage,
where sea-born fingers bled.

I stood in wait like marbled beast,
and woke here in my bed,
leaving dreams that wander east
and sink in salted ocean feast


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