Falun Gong Practitioners Threatened at Columbia

A mass email was sent to the Chinese Graduate Student Club at Columbia University to boycott a Falun Gong meeting.

The email read:

“We will use the sea of [Chinese Communist] flags, dyed with blood, to strike hard against the evil cult’s arrogant fervor, and to resolutely defend the honor and dignity of the Motherland! Tomorrow we will not dismiss before seeing each other!”

This may seem amazing, since:

The “evil cult” in question refers to Falun Gong, the meditation practice that was outlawed in mainland China by the Chinese Communist Party in 1999.

That’s right, a meditation group.  But, Falun Gong’s members have spent considerable time and endured considerable hardship fighting the communist regime in China, and the Chinese Government doesn’t like that.

Both Dr. Yang and Dr. Li, as well as the moderator, Professor Frank Xie of Drexel University, adjusted their remarks in response to the overwhelming number of hostile Chinese students who filled the room.

“I remember I used to be like you at one point of time—when I first came to the United States, I had a huge argument with my Taiwanese roommate about who started the Korean war—I said it was the ‘evil Americans.’ Eventually, I found out the truth,” Xie said. “You are all smart, young people; I hope that you will rationally and clearly evaluate the truth based on the evidence that you have found.”


7 responses to “Falun Gong Practitioners Threatened at Columbia

  1. My main concern with Falun Gong is that it is a fundamentally racist program. They believe that the offspring of mixed parents are inferior. We ultimately need to ask ourselves what they are meditating on. I’m not endorsing their abuse by the Chinese government, but I am saying that they aren’t as blameless as they’d have us believe.

  2. HI Storbakken

    , if you have not found this out for yourself but have listened to lies and propaganda from other sources coming from the Chinese communist regime then what infact you have doing is helping the communist regime spread more lies about Falun Gong, I’m sure the communist regime would like that very much.

    So I ask you what is that you think about Falun Gong not what you have read or listened to. Have you spoken to nay Falun Gong practitioners , have you read any of the genuine books from Falun Gong teachings?

    How can the practice of Falun Gong be racist if it is practiced in 70 countries around the world?

    Sounds to me like you have read some of Bobby Fletchers alias Charles Liu propaganda..

    The Canadian Western Standard has already exposed him for being a propagandist.

  3. Let’s make it clear Jana Shearer is a reporter of FLG-controlled newspaper Epoch Times:


  4. Jana,
    I have had the opportunity to meet many practitioners of Falun Gong and I have read a substantial amount of material related to the movement. The people I’ve met are often kind and gentle, but that does not excuse a bigoted ideology.

    You ask, “How can the practice of Falun Gong be racist if it is practiced in 70 countries around the world?” Unfortunately, there are many racist and extremist groups that flourish around the world. Bigotry and racism are not contained by borders. My questions for you are: Do you practice Falun Gong. And do you believe that a person of mixed heritage is inferior to a person whose parents are from the same stock?

  5. HI Storbakken,

    Yes I am a Falun gong practitioner and so are 2 of my 5 children. My husband does not practice.

    And no i don’t believe that a person of mixed heritage is inferior in any way.

    Falun Gong is not practiced by only Chinese or white people in those 70 countries it is practiced by the indigenous people of each country and those who also live there by choice or birth. FAlun Gong is not racist , how on earth or in heaven can we practice truth compassion and forbearance if we have the evil attachment of racism?

    Why do you ask this question? it is not in the teachings of Falun Gong. Charles Liu alias Bobby Fletcher spreads his propaganda all round the blogs he does it for a living and is an example of how the communist regime infiltrates other countries with their propaganda .
    I hope that you read the link above from the Western Standard.

    Perhaps you could go to Charles /Bobby site where you will see what sort of vile propaganda he spreads. He states that no one died in Tianammen Square massacre in 1989..He’s a mouthpiece for the evil communist regime.

    Falun Gong is completely nonviolent, racism is violence . Check out our record around the world there has never been one violent incident involving Falun Gong around the world. Only in China do these fabricated stories emerge.

    Only the Chinese communist regime and those who are affiliated with it persecute Falun Gong. Nowhere else has any problem with Falun Gong and there is never any reports that we do what the communist regime says we do.

    Doesn’t that speak volumes?

  6. Jana,
    My main concern with Falun Gong practitioners is that most of them are unaware of the teachings of Li Hongzhi. Many of his more controversial ideas fail to be translated into English. You can do a quick Google search and find that he propagates the idea that mixed-race people are part of a conspiracy to destroy the earth and disable access to heaven. It is not only white people or Chinese people that can be racist. Any person of any color or ethnicity can be racist. And the racism of Falun Gong’s leader is that it is ok to be white or black or chinese or whatever just as long as you don’t mix. That’s ridiculous and idiotic. Racism is violence and whether it is acted out in ethnic-cleansing or mere dogmatic propaganda, it is violent.

  7. HI Storbakken

    I am sorry but either you have grossly misunderstood what Mr Li is saying or you have picked up some edited distorted version of what he said.

    May I direct you this site which may help you understand the the misinformation out there about Falun Gong and Mr Li Teachings.


    This site is written by 3rd party people who are not Falun Gong practitoenrs investigating /researching about Falun Gong.

    Unless it has come straight form Mr Li’s mouth I will not believe that is what he said . And i have never heard Mr Li say what you have written in your previous text.

    The people who misinterpret these teachings to suit their own agenda are very disrespectful .

    There were many people in Jesus’s time and Buddhas time who also did not beleive that what he was saying was right either.

    Of course hindsite is good thing and now we do believe in these teachings of Jesus and Buddha. But most of the world did not at that time.

    You have to enlighten in this world to the teachings in order to ascend. If all the answers were given to you on a plate what would there be left to enlighten to?It is not easy and there will be many obstacles.

    The biggest obstacle being that the vast populace will not believe anything th teacher or the disciples believe in and they will try and destroy the path. Haven t we already done this so many time already? When will we ever learn?

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