Barack Obama Speaks!

Barack Obama has been leading a Candidacy of Flare and Fire, but with little in the way of Substance.  However, with yesterdays speech to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, that may be changing.

We must [lead] not in the spirit of a patron, but the spirit of a partner – a partner that is mindful of its own imperfections. Extending an outstretched hand to these states must ultimately be more than just a matter of expedience or even charity. It must be about recognizing the inherent equality and worth of all people. And it’s about showing the world that America stands for something – that we can still lead…

[I]f the next President can restore the American people’s trust – if they know that he or she is acting with their best interests at heart, with prudence and wisdom and some measure of humility – then I believe the American people will be ready to see America lead again.

They will be ready to show the world that we are not a country that ships prisoners in the dead of night to be tortured in far off countries. That we are not a country that runs prisons which lock people away without ever telling them why they are there or what they are charged with. That we are not a country which preaches compassion and justice to others while we allow bodies to float down the streets of a major American city.

That is not who we are.

AMEN.  We’ve been waiting for a call, not to arms, but a call to vote for someone that can be not only be inspiring in tone, but inspiring in spirit.  The kind of spirit that is backed by a substantive nature and a clear directive.

The choice has been between Obama the “mysterious vocalist”, and Hillary the “Well at least we know what we’re getting into”.   But, if Barack keeps this up, Hillary better start studying her husbands old speeches.

(Hat Tip:  Andrew Sullivan)


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