Grandma Arrested for Smoking Weed

A 71 year old Great-Grandmother, and cancer patient, was arrested for smoking marijuana.

“After cancer treatments, I was very sick,” she said. “I couldn’t eat and could not stand the smell of food.”

She weighed 99 pounds when she entered Lincoln Hospital in 1998. After surgery and treatments she lost even more weight. Jackson said her doctor prescribed an appetite enhancer, but it made her sick.

“The medicine gave me a terrible headache,” said Jackson, who was raising three great-grandchildren at the time. “I was very weak and sick after treatments. I had diarrhea and was vomiting all the time.

“The smell of food made me sick and I was nauseous,” she said. “The marijuana calmed me down and gave me back my appetite. My taste buds are gone, but the marijuana helps me get the food down.”

More proof that anti-marijuana laws are out of touch with reality.

(Hat tip:  Andrew Sullivan)


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