Blogging Hiatus, and Why I’m Back

Well, I’ve just taken an unexpected 11 day blogging hiatus.  I hadn’t planned it, but that’s often the way life is.    My fiance had a death in the family, it’s near the end of the term, and I’ve been working on a new recording project.

The time off was used well, but I must admit that it made me all too aware of my apparent blogging addiction.  Being away from the blog for that long (only on the Internet is 11 days long)  felt more than a little disconcerting.  I could feel the pull in my fingers, ever wanting to crawl their way back to the keyboard, I heard the word “blog” everywhere and in every conversation, and the political junkie in me was screeching for a voice.

I began this blog as a way to keep myself writing.  Like many writers, I feel the need for daily practice is quite important.  It’s like tennis or Aikido or playing guitar.  Sure, after time away you aren’t going to have to start over from scratch, but you will likely have lost your edge, and will need to re-hone your skills to keep up with what your mind is trying to accomplish (like this sentence).

But, the blog has become more than that for me.  It’s become a method of keeping in contact with my community, the one outside of my home city, that is the rest of America.  It’s a way for me to engage in the dialogue of ideas and refine my own.  It encourages my political habit, and forces me to stay abreast of more than I likely would without it.  It allows me another justification as to why I’m not doing my homework.  And, it’s opened up avenues of discovery I’d not have thought to meander down with it.

Blogs are often a silly and trivial affair (mine is most certainly not excluded), but that is their power.  A good blog is like a Tibetan sand painting–hours of work to create something of interest to another human being, only to have it destroyed immediately after.  In the blog, we toil and wrestle with words only to place them on the least stable of platforms.  Certainly the words will exist in cyberspace for as long as the blog is online, but they will be stuffed deep into the archives like a mummy into it’s tomb–wrapped up tightly in preparation for a resurrection that will likely never come.

The bottom line is that I like to write, and I like the act of blogging.  So after an Internet-millinium (11 whole days), I’m back for more.


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