Jerry Falwell on Bush, and the Christianist Hatred of Good Works

“I’m hearing from the Lord it’s going to be like a blowout election in 2004. The Lord has just blessed [Bush]… It doesn’t make any difference what he does, good or bad.”–Jerry Falwell before the 2004 elections.

” … doesn’t make any difference what he does, good or bad.”  That’s the part that creeps me out about fundamentalist Christianists.  The belief that what you do isn’t really that important, only what you believe, only your faith.  Who cares if you cheat on your wife, or beat your children, or screw over your Mexican workers and cuss at old ladies.  At least you have faith.   Just don’t be gay, or a Buddhist, or worse-an atheist.

Actions don’t mean a thing.  You can always repent.  However, if you live a virtuous life but think God doesn’t exist, you’re evil.  You’re swine, communist scum, a liberal hippie-type listening to devil music while drinking tea like a sissy.

Small towns are full of good God fearing people, and if they think you’re one of them, the people there are remarkably nice to you.  But, try being a man in lipstick, a dress, or black, or a Gay-Mexican-Jew and they’re libel to eat your brains and tie your body to the back of the pick-up and drag it around town until all your limbs are scattered like the remnants of that beached-whale on the Oregon beach the government so wisely blew up with boatloads of dynamite.

Hypocrites.  They talk big about Jesus, but they hate him.  Or at least they hate his ideas.  If he came back today, they’d throw his hippie ass in jail and put him up for treason.  Love your neighbor?  Turn the other cheek? Care for the poor?  The convicts? Fuck you!  We won’t stand for that un-American bull shit.

Christianity may have its’ roots in Old Testament theology, but the teachings of Jesus sound a hell of a lot more like DT Suzuki than what’s written on those tablets Moses brought down from the mountain.  And that is damned disconcerting to a person with a fundamentalist bent.  [Everything MUST make sense.  It just has to.  Or else how can I live my life?!  Please, Preacher, tell me how to think].  So, instead of following the good Lockean advice:  to allow my ideas to change along with the uncovering of new facts, I’m gonna ignore the facts and make a few up so that I don’t have to change my cherished belief system.

I think the religion should change its name from “Christian” to something more accurate, like “Old-Testamentarian”.  The word “Christian” is far to related to that peace-loving wacko Jesus.  Christ is after all his stage name, and we wouldn’t want fundamentalism associated with such an unseemly character.  (I heard he even talked to prostitutes).

Maybe we can call it Bush-ism.  He is a prophet, right?  A new King of Zion?  Who cares what he does.  Who cares about the torture, the war, the stripping of civil liberties, and the economic hardship.   He has faith.  And he has power.


4 responses to “Jerry Falwell on Bush, and the Christianist Hatred of Good Works

  1. Nice post. I think you’ve identified a key problem with Christianity: it seems to have ceased being the religion *of* Jesus, and merely become a religion *about* Jesus.

  2. well. done. that’s really fantastic! good job buddy…waiting for just put what the people searching for..good luck!

  3. My, my, my! Someone needs a hug! Please don’t make the mistake of thinking what you have described is Christianity. True Christianity is revealed in the scriptures. Check out my article on this at

  4. Dwight, I don’t think you are wrong to say that I haven’t described Christianity proper. But that is the whole point. What I’ve described is Christianity as PRACTICED by the most vocal Christian group in America. Your article is basically saying the same thing. So, actually, we agree: These people are not REALLY Christians in the strictest sense.

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