Circumcision, Genital Mutilation, and When Culture Supersedes Reality

Genital mutilation, otherwise known as Circumcision, is a scourge in this country brought about by superstition and a medieval understanding of human anatomy. It is meant to keep a boy “clean”. Ritually clean. But, it also results in a life of decreased sexual pleasure at best, and can end in death at worst.

It’s continued existence in our modern age is more proof that humans are nothing more than overgrown apes—fucking idiots. All the idealism about the “good” of humanity, and the “potential” of man, won’t change the fact that we do shit that is totally unacceptable in any objective sense, contradicts the facts, and has no serious benefit simply because we always have or because some old wives tale told us to.

So many problems in the world are truly complex, and the mistakes we make are understandable in light of that complexity. But, genital mutilation is NOT one of these. It’s remarkably simple. The benefits of circumcision do not at all out-way the potential downsides. Would you rather your child have to spend his life cleaning his dick more thoroughly, or would you rather him die? Or lose the 5 most sensitive areas of his penis, condemning him to a life of reduced sexual pleasure?

It’s time for us to grow up.  Even if there are benefits (I’m not convinced of the Aids prevention argument, nor do I find cleanliness a significant reason), the choice should be in the hands of the man who is going to have to live the consequences.  Is this a free nation?  Or, do we live in Communist China?  Are we gonna start clubbing women’s feet, too?  How about sewing shut our daughters’ vagina’s?  If she can’t have sex, she won’t get diseases.  Get real.


(Hat-tip:  Andrew Sullivan)


2 responses to “Circumcision, Genital Mutilation, and When Culture Supersedes Reality

  1. Good grief! You mean I could have even MORE sexual pleasure if I was not circumcised? I don’t think I could stand it! Of course, it is too late now…the foreskin is gone and I don’t know where to find it. My question is, “Why is Andrew so upset about this?”

  2. Other than the obvious humanitarian reasons?

    Of course, I realize what you mean to be asking is if poor Andrew is “feelin’ what he should be feelin’.”

    or, “Andrew, how’s your willie?”

    Alas, I have no answer.

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