Transformers Top, or Bottom, 7

I, like many of my generation, loved the transformers.  And the original movie, with it’s wall to wall hair-rock, the voices of Orson Wells, Eric Idle, and Leonard Nimoy, and the sweet sounds of Weird Al only added to the fire.  I don’t know if the new movie will hold up, but Cracked has given us reasons to be skeptical of the whole enterprise with their “7 most useless Transformers Ever”.


3 responses to “Transformers Top, or Bottom, 7

  1. Yes, I’m pretty excited about the Transformers movie too. We’ll probably check it out later this week…

  2. now we are fussing and now we are fightin. Piet Nirvana.

  3. and then i came out, mommy move me down sout. Jumana Fanni.

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