Is Belief in God Necessary for Human Rights?

The discussion continues at Balkanization

That is to say, the thesis has assumed that belief in God is good for human rights because God himself approves of universal human rights, religious tolerance, and human equality. But that is not generally true of what people thought God wanted historically, even within the Judeo-Christian tradition. Throughout most of human history, God (and different gods) have been remarkably partial, at least if we credit the moral and political beliefs of people who professed to believe most fervently in Him throughout the ages, and who justified their practices based on their belief in Him.

for more see:  Part 1 and Part 2. 


4 responses to “Is Belief in God Necessary for Human Rights?

  1. In answer to your question: No. Especially when one considers that often one’s belief in what god wants is used as a justification for the violation of human rights.

    Happened with slavery, and segregation. Is happening with gay marriage or the brutal regime of the Taliban. If anything, it would seem that a non-belief in God is a prerequisite to believing in human rights.

  2. My gut agrees with you. I come from a massively religious background, and I understand the appeal of religion on a visceral level. But, for all its’ positives, religion has a strong tendency to increase the divide rather than unite.

  3. grievingallthelittlestuff

    ditto Joey P.

  4. The short answer is no.

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