Sullivan Gets Dirty With Hillary

I had another illicit thought about Hillary the other night. Yes, I was the worse for wear, so take this for what it’s worth. I was thinking: however awful it would be to have Hillary as president, wouldn’t the fact of a woman running the most powerful country on earth piss off the Islamists in all the right ways? Her appointing her own husband – an ex-president no less – to a lesser position would also tick the mullahs off. How better to tell those sexist pigs what we stand for? That’s where my thoughts were. Maybe I should have left them where I found them. But what else is a blog for?

I know Andrew isn’t a big fan of Bill. But, I can’t help but love the guy. Maybe it’s just nostalgia for my youth (the ’92 campaign was my first real “hook” into the life of a Political Junkie). But, Clinton’s got a real pull all around the world. He seems sensible to non-American’s. And, he is–maybe too sensible. He’s the ultimate compromiser. That’s why the Right hates him, and so too most of the Left. He’s not in any way an ideologue.

Bill Clinton is the exact opposite of “the Decider”. He is obsessed with giving the people what they want, or at least part of what they want. He does all but scream, “please like me!”

Having Hillary in the White House would indeed bring him into the White House. And on purely international-political grounds, that would be a good thing.


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