5 Most Important Scientists Who Actually HELPED Us

So, the lists of Top Scientists seem to be perpetually filled with the same old names: Einstein, Newton, Aristotle, Darwin … But, what about those Scientists who actually had an IMPACT on our lives in the truest sense?

John Hawks gives us These 4 (and leaves the forth up to us).

  1. R. A. Fisher
  2. Louis Pasteur
  3. Leo Szilárd
  4. and my man, John von Neumann

For his explanation of “why these guys?”, go here.

What do you think? Who else should make the list?

I think I might put in Ibn al-Haytham, the Muslim who “invented” the Scientific Method, by which nearly every subsequently important scientific study has been based.


8 responses to “5 Most Important Scientists Who Actually HELPED Us

  1. Darwin, and Rachel Carson

  2. Are we not forgetting the all important Thomas Alva Edison here? I mean…seriously…“Let there be Light!

  3. hello what did you do for the community and stuff like that i need to know for a science project but still thank you for what i know right now

  4. what about god or jesus man

  5. You have to put Trotula of Salerno. She is the sole reason we know what we do about the woman reproductive system

  6. Wow. How pathetic is that list? Erm let me think what you’ve forgoten. How about Einstein, Newton, Darwin, Bohr, Freud and well, you go research your self.

  7. I don’t even know who are “Us” the title refers to. Let try to remove Euclid from history and see if it has any impact on “Us”. Now try Newton, mechanics is not even possible to develop to this stage, flying only for birds and construction is just a cool looking guess work.

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