Larry Craig, and Why Republicans Hate Freedom

Larry Craig is a singular example of a ubiquitous problem: Republican Political rhetoric is full of the word “freedom”, but their Political policies are completely devoid of any semblance of it. Larry Craig is a remarkable hypocrite, but he is not unique. He is instead a symptom of institution to which he belongs and of the broader cultural world around him that mirrors the same patterns.

Republicans ought to stand firm for what they “say” they believe in, and encourage Larry Craig to engage in all the consetual man-on-man lovin’ he wants to.

From the LA Times:

As we all look forward to more sputtering news conference antics from Sen. Larry Craig, here’s hoping that the Idaho politician will eventually draw on traditional Republican principles and stand up for his right to engage in consensual sex in toilet stalls with men.

Goldwater, who inspired Ronald Reagan and helped lay the groundwork for the rise of the Republicans to majority status in the late 20th century, preached a small-government gospel that was appealing and logically consistent. To Goldwater, the state was inefficient at best and predicated on violence and coercion at worst. As much as possible, he argued, individuals should be left alone to pursue their happiness as they saw fit, whether in the workplace or the home. A longtime proponent of reproductive rights, Goldwater was an outspoken defender of gays and lesbians, noting during the original gays-in-the-military debates of the early 1990s that “you don’t have to be straight” to serve, “you just have to shoot straight.”


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