Who Should Replace Gonzales as Attorney General?

(cross-posted @ Freedom Democrats)

With Gonzales leaving, the position is not a desirous one. The Administration is clearly of the lame duck variety, and the job is short term and high pressure.

Steven Lubet and Andrew Koppelman suggest Professor Steven G. Calabresi, of the Northwestern University School of Law, in their Sun Times op-ed:

Calabresi’s conservative credentials are impeccable. A co-founder of the Federalist Society, he is the chairman of the organization’s board of directors. He served in both the Reagan and first Bush administrations before joining the Northwestern faculty in 1990. He has since become one of the country’s most influential Constitutional law scholars. His views concerning issues such as executive power and judicial restraint are generally in step with the Bush administration, but he also has been widely praised by liberals for his depth of knowledge and intellectual brilliance.

But, wait, there’s more …

No Bush appointee could be expected to depart from the unitary executive theory, but Calabresi understands it in a more sophisticated way — as something other than an unrestrained grant of presidential power — and is better able to recognize and explain constitutional limits than anyone now in the Justice Department.

Of course, there is one problem …

We have not discussed this idea with Steve (or with our dean, who would have to approve a leave of absence), but we think the logic of the proposal is compelling.


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