Anthropology Carnival: Four Stone Hearth

Carnival Time

Including this interesting ditty:

Eric Johnson wonders whether schizophrenia-associated genes were under selection because they increase shamanic visions:

What if, [Sapolsky] wondered, schizophrenia maintained itself in human populations because of selection for schizotypal personalites? As luck would have it, for a hundred years anthropologists had observed such individuals thriving in nearly every society they encountered: shamans.

And this:

Archaeozoo posts “Eating the Dead,” examining the practice of mortuary feasts in the Aegean Bronze Age:

Memory is a social rather than an individual process and all memory is collective, structured by group identities. Eating and drinking has mnemonic power. Incorporated into a mortuary context where emotions and sensory stimuli due to food are combined with those of the experience of death, a much more powerful mnemonic device would be produced.

Oh, it gets a bit more gruesome than that!

2 responses to “Anthropology Carnival: Four Stone Hearth

  1. Thank you for the link to my blog. I hope you enjoyed the read.

  2. Archaeozoo, I did indeed.

    “The main elements from ethnographic evidence are present; eating and drinking, dancing, possible narcotic usage (incense burners).”

    sounds like a good time!

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