Human Variability, and the Problem of “Equality”: Dobzhansky

Dobzhansky in an essay from Current Anthropology (that I snagged from John Hawks):

Man is a highly variable polytypic and polymorphic species. The genetic variability affects behavioral traits no less than physiological and structural ones, and it is false to imagine that these three categories are clearly separable. The chief reasons why so many people are loath to admit the genetic variability of social and culturally significant traits are two. First, human equality is stubbornly confused with identity, and diversity with inequality, as though to be entitled to an equality of opportunity, people would have to be identical twins. Human diversity is not incompatible with equality. Secondly, it is futile to look for one-to-one correspondence between cultural forms and genetic traits. Cultural forms are not determined by genes, but their emergence and maintenance are made possible by the genetically conditioned human diversity.

One response to “Human Variability, and the Problem of “Equality”: Dobzhansky

  1. very good idea thank you

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