Jewish Neo-Nazi’s? And More on the Brains of Conservatives/Liberals

From the Jeruselem post:

According to Eitam, people who harbored a hatred of Jews and a hatred of Israel in their hearts find a safe haven in Israel by taking advantage of a loophole in the Law of Return.

In the past, NU-NRP members have tried to advance bills that would revoke parts of the Law of Return but have failed.

The Law of Return, which states that one only has to have one Jewish grandparent to immigrate as a Jew, has allowed thousands of non-halachicly Jewish descendants of Jews to immigrate to Israel with the same benefits as Jewish immigrants.

More Here on the weird Jewish Nazi problem:

But even if they were ethnically Jewish, they may not see themselves that way. And even if they saw themselves as Jewish, there’d be no guarantee that they wouldn’t hate Jews. Anyone who has seen Ryan Gosling’s brilliant performance in The Believer or listened to grunge during the 90’s can understand how anger and guilt can lead to self-loathing. And if you hang around anyone who uses the word “we” frequently, you’ll eventually hear them start to beat up on themselves.

… and more on the Brains of Conservatives vs. Libs:

But imagine that conservatives — whether political, social, or both — didn’t get offended by this study, but decided to use it to their advantage. After all, if conservatism is hardwired into your brain, you can’t help it. It’s not a lifestyle choice, it’s a natural orientation. This might lend some weight to their fight against the media’s anti-conservative discrimination. They could make signs that read, “The Media are Conservaphobes.”


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