Sci-Fi Novel: The Bloodbaths, by Steve Libby

Steve Libby the sci-fi author who co-authors the online podcast Secret World Chronicle has just released his new book, The Bloodbaths, the first in the Aqua Pura Trilogy, through the small publisher SubAtomic Books.

Steve also happens to be a good friend of mine, and in light of that, I’m ordering you (nicely) to go check it out. If you dig sci-fi, suspense, and plumbers (no joke), you’ll dig Bloodbaths.

A word from the Author:

The Aqua Pura Trilogy was born out of my frustration at the state of fantastic literature. Much of it appeared to be driven by risk-adverse marketing departments and accountants, thus the preponderance of Tolkienesque and Star-Warsesque soap operas. None of this interested me as a reader, and eventually the game of “you know what would be cool?” coalesced into a book.

I’m intrigued by the struggles of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. In Crixus’ case, he creates these circumstances himself by exercising poor judgment in a moment of weakness; how he hopes to overcome his dilemma provides me many opportunities to follow the path of an everyman through dire tests of character.

Some folks have asked, “why a plumber?” The answer is simple. Civil engineers were the cutting edge of science in ancient times, applying mathematics and physics in the real world under the sponsorship of egomaniacal ruling elites. And that right there makes for good stories.

Here’s an Mp3 file of the first chapter.

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