Should the Dem’s hurry to Confirm Michael Mukasey?

(Cross-posted @ Freedom Democrats)

The Justice Department has been in the ICU for some time. If I’m not mistaken (correct me if I am) the top 5 seats have been vacant for a while. This can’t be good for one of the most important branches in the executive.

President Bush has Nominated someone he feels would be right for the job: Michael Mukasey.

We are in an age of pressing questions: Military commisions, National security, terrorism, wire tapping, and weakening civil liberties. Just to name a few.

Is Michael Mukasey the guy to take on these issues? And should the Democratic congress jump in to confirming him?

Scott Horton makes the case in favor of saying, “yes”:

Mukasey is a true conservative in much the same sense that Edmund Burke was a conservative. And perhaps that’s the strongest argument that can be mustered for his confirmation.

If that is true (that he is a Burke-styled conservative) then we can only hope that he’s conservative enough to believe that each individual deserves a fair trail, and is entitle to hear what crimes he is being charged with before he’s locked away for 5 years. We can only hope that he has a strong enough belief in the constitution that he’ll not allow illegal wire tapping. And we can only hope that he is enough like Burke to abhor torture and unnecessary violence.

But the only way for us to know these things is if the Democratic Congress has the guts to ask him the hard questions. I’d hesitate rushing into confirmation of anyone, particularly anyone that has the blessing of our current President. I understand that the office of Attorney General is one that must be filled. But, there is no use filling it with a Bush Patsy.
With a very likely transferring of executive power coming in 2008, it may seem futile to worry too much over who gets the job (since they’ll likely be outed immediately after). But, one year would be one year too many for those who’s lives are being torn apart by the Administrations current policies.

The justice department has a far reach and a strong hand. We must be brutally aware of who we give that hand to.

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