More Pro Bush Fascism

From John Yoo:

“The greatest presidents are those who exercise executive power most aggressively,” he said, contending that George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Roosevelt and Truman, like Bush, seized power in wartime and acted without the authorization of Congress.

(hat tip: Balkinization)


One response to “More Pro Bush Fascism

  1. There are far too many attorneys who perceive our world through the lens of contract law, rather than original intent. Their interpretation of the law is about “what kind of argument can we posit, that can get us around the issues of original intent or “spirit” of the law, and provide some kind of shelter of deniability.

    John Yoo could be their Poster Boy… I wonder if he’s going to get a retroactive pardon? Or one day, if there is justice, will we have the pleasure of watching him do the “purp walk” wearing some nice stainless bracelets, along with George, Dick, Nancy P. and the others?

    I can wish… right?

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