Back to School, and a Free Real Analysis E-Book

Well, my lack of consistent blogging this week indicates the arrival of the new school term.   By Wednesday I was already behind!  But, don’t worry, I got up at 6am on Thursday to catch up.

I’m taking:

I’m also taking Tai Chi, which is FANTASTIC!!  I am now a total Tai Chi Convert.

My Real Analysis teacher wrote his own book which is free online HERE.  It’s not too bad.  Mostly a problem text.  The course is already proving to be fascinating.   And luckily, since it’s starting as it should (many don’t) with basic Topology and Set theory, I’m getting a lot of overlap.

Quantum Games is still in the “going over the basic game theory the new people don’t understand” stage.  Which is fine by me, as it allows me to get my bearings in the other classes.

I plan to do my Grad work in Game Theory, so I’m curious if the new Quantum side of things will impact what I’m looking into doing (something either with Evolutionary Game Theory or Political Game Theory … which I see as more closely related than others often do.)

We’ll see.


One response to “Back to School, and a Free Real Analysis E-Book

  1. Thanks. would u please put the website to get the ebook on real analysis here. It would be great.

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