Car Free Cities: Welcome to the Future

I’ve been oogling the website now for about an hour. That’s got to mean something.

The site is dedicated to the idea of a living in car free communities. But rather than just complain and talk about it, they’ve put together droves of ideas about how we might go about doing that.

But, first the complaining … (From the Introduction):

The industrialized nations made a terrible mistake when they turned to the automobile as an instrument of improved urban mobility. The car brought with it major unanticipated consequences for urban life and has become a serious cause of environmental, social, and aesthetic problems in cities. The urban automobile:

  • Kills street life
  • Damages the social fabric of communities
  • Isolates people
  • Fosters suburban sprawl
  • Endangers other street users
  • Blots the city’s beauty
  • Disturbs people with its noise
  • Causes air pollution
  • Slaughters thousands every year
  • Exacerbates global warming
  • Wastes energy and natural resources
  • Impoverishes nations

The challenge is to remove cars and trucks from cities while at the same time improving mobility and reducing its total costs.

I don’t own a car. I do fine without it. But, I live in a city where that is possible. Portland is a remarkably progressive city when it comes to public transportation. But, it’s hardly perfect. And as American cities go, it’s about is good as they come.

As a boy I lived in Japan. I lived in Tokyo. Comparatively, Portland is a backwater.

The Website uses Venice, Italy as a model. Currently, Venice is the only car-free city on earth.

There’s a TON of cool info here.

3 responses to “Car Free Cities: Welcome to the Future

  1. Car-free is the only possible scenario for a viable future. Trouble is, we have to have a highly efficient public transport system before people will give up their cars. And, we have to somehow develop the patience to use public transport since getting from point A to B will sometimes require changing trains or buses…maybe more than once. Then there’s the matter of hauling “stuff.” You can’t carry much on public transport.
    At the moment, I can’t see how we can make the change without enduring some catastrophes along the way.

  2. what is venice’s main mode of transportation? if it’s boats, they may be polluting more per vehicle than the average car crazed city.

    Though, I hope this is in the future. Besides ruining the environment, having to drive to work leaves no room for serious daydreaming, which is where all my good ideas come from.

  3. Zestoka BH muzicka scena INGRAY (AXA)

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