Size Matters: Giant Oregon Pumpkin

Thad Starr of Pleasant Hill, Oregon has grown a prize winning 1,524-pound Atlantic Giant pumpkin, taking home almost $10,000 for it.

Well, we Oregonians don’t have a pro Baseball team, nor do we have a pro Football team … but, lordy we got ourselves some real pro pumpkin growers!

The Mullers and Starr both insist there’s no real secret to growing giant pumpkins. Like many growers, Starr used a souped-up organic compost, complete with fish fertilizer, seaweed, nitrogen, potassium and phosphate to feed his pumpkin – not to mention “yards and yards” of chicken manure.

The sports world is increasingly devoid of good role models. Thad in contrast is a stay at home dad, proving he knows where his priorities are:  his kids, and Pumpkins.

Top prize is going home with 40-year-old Thad Starr, a stay-at-home-dad from Pleasant Hill, Ore. Starr only began growing pumpkins two years ago as a friendly competition with his brother Mike.
“He was always better than me but I wasn’t going to let him be better than me at growing pumpkins,” said Starr.
Starr has always enjoyed gardening. He attributed his growing success to putting in his time and dreams into the process.
“You never know what it’s going to weigh,” he said. “Until it hits the scale, you really don’t know.”


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