Is Hillary Inevitable?

Hillary Clinton is currently kicking some serious ass in the Polls.  But, then, this time 4 years ago, so was  Howard Dean,  and John Kerry wasn’t doing all that well.

In fact, Barrack Obama is doing better now than Kerry was then.  The game is still on, but only between those two for the Democratic Nomination.   And whoever wins the Democratic Nomination is in a great place to win the whole game.  Rudy has a chance for sure, but I for one don’t think the Right is gonna take it this time.

If I’m right, then the choice for President is largely between Barrack and Hillary.  It’s not the most exciting choice, but it’s what we’ve got.

5 responses to “Is Hillary Inevitable?

  1. Hillary = Huge exodus

  2. JRE – Explain your point more for me. Exodus?

  3. Noun



    exodus (plural exoduses)

    1. A sudden departure of a large number of people.

  4. EX: There was an exodus when the show ended.
    In the movie The Sinking of Japan, virtually all Japanese desperately try to find any form of transportation out of Japan in a massive exodus to flee the sinking country.

  5. JRE:

    I am happy to see that you can use a dictionary. This ia a very important skill; however, as many incomplete answers tend to do, yours did: No mention of who nor any further analysis of why with a true justification. Try again.I teach some of the best and brightest students in the country, they might be able to help here.

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