2007 Farm Bill: More Corporate Welfare

(cross-posted at FreedomDemocrats.com) 

We’re fat. Americans are the fattest people on the planet, bar none. We (as a people) don’t exercise, and we eat like shit. And part of the reason for that is that we have a corporate welfare system that extends to those large commercial farmers that produce products that are horrible for our health like corn, white rice, and sugar, driving down the price of those products while causing the prices of vegetables to rise.

But, it isn’t just our physical health that suffers, it’s our economic health. Those small and organic farmers that may in fact need the help, don’t get it. And those farmers from 3rd world countries that are still farming by hand, are pushed into poverty because they can’t compete with the bohemeth tractor-farms in the US who are getting billions of dollars a year in government handouts, causing massive poverty and death.

On the bright side, the new Farm Bill does provide some money for conservation, but it amounts to little more than 10% of the funding. I’d suggest we double or triple that amount for conservation efforts and then cut the rest of the subsidies to zero. We’d save money, allow for the free market to do it’s thing, have cheaper healthy food, and drive the price of crap-food up a bit to reflect not only it’s natural market price but also it’s negative effect on the human body.

I thought republicans didn’t like welfare?


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