Polls show Obama is Still Strong

Hillary may seem like the inevitable winner, but the polls in Iowa, a major primary state slated to vote on January 3rd, show him (and Edwards) hot on her tails.   It ain’t over yet.

According to an LA times story, there is a lot the polls don’t show, including the massive popular appeal of Obama among younger voters.  The question remains whether he can translate that into a victory.  If he pulls off Iowa or New Hampshire (inclusive “or”), then the he could send himself shooting up, and Hillary into a tailspin.

“There is a tremendous curiosity factor. He radiated a certain cool that would be very attractive to college students and young people,” Goldford (a Drake University political science professor) said. “For older voters, though” — and half of caucusgoers are 55 or older — “the music’s great, but where are the lyrics? He’s been trying to fill that out somewhat, but for people inclined to go to the caucus anyway, the lack of experience is significant.”

We’ll see.  Once the voting starts, that’s when the real politics begins.  And we’re only months away.


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