Immigrant Drivers Licenses in Oregon

Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski signs an executive order making it harder for immigrants to get drivers licenses.

Kulongoski said he issued the order out of security concerns over out-of-state businesses advertising how easily people can get driver’s licenses in Oregon. The new administrative rules should be ready by February, which is when the Legislature will meet for a supplemental session. Lawmakers can codify the rules into law, he said, and also make certain changes that cannot be done administratively, such as shortening renewal periods. An Oregon license currently is valid for eight years.

in response:

“This is a sad day not only for immigrant workers in the state of Oregon, but … for all Oregonians,” said Ramon Ramirez, president of the farmworkers and tree-planters union.

This is increasingly a national issue.  Immigrant workers are here.  We need them.  The question is how do we want to DEAL with them, both economically and politically.


One response to “Immigrant Drivers Licenses in Oregon

  1. I still don’t know how anyone could think it a good idea to give ANYTHING to someone who is living here illegally. Its our own fault though. We turn off the free food, money and jobs, and prosecute the ones who employ illegal, criminal invaders.

    How to deal with them? Enforce present laws…

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