Creationists Are Above the Law

The Discovery institute apparently thinks that God doesn’t believe in Copyright laws.

“The Discovery Institute, more a lawyer mill than a scientific institution, copied Harvard University’s BioVisions video ‘The Inner Life of the Cell,’ stripped out Harvard’s copyright notice, credits, and narration, inserted their own creationist-friendly narration, and renamed the video ‘The Cell As an Automated City.’ The new title subtly suggests that a cell is designed rather than evolved.”

3 responses to “Creationists Are Above the Law

  1. Hey, they thought it proved their point and, uh, looked cool. What else could possibly matter?

  2. Point taken, lol. How was I to criticize?

  3. Why such bashing on creationists, they’re merely a soft voice in the distance. Posing no threat to this militantly secular government and education system. As long as the warmhearted left have their way, secular it will stay. I promise, have no more fear of those frightening Christmas trees those evil K-8 kiddies adore. I know its politically correct to view creationists as whacko’s. I mean what sane, semi-intellectual wouldn’t believe “nothing” exploded, the particles of “nothing” traveled through space (state of nothingness) collected matter (but you said nothing) and formed the universe. A series of freak accidents produced life out of a “complex chemical pmimordial………soup”? We now made so much out of, you guessed it…… NOTHING. To think, an intelligent designer….what a bunch of fruitcakes! I’ll just bask in the “accidents” full of “nothing” theory and go on with my life of moral relativism! “Nothing means nothing”!!!! LOL…God I love that!!!! OOPS! Did I say God? SOMEONE QUICK, CALL THE ACLU!!!!!

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