Romney’s Religion

Sandy Levinson didn’t exactly like Romney’s speech about his religion and its’ connection with his candidacy.

Perhaps, of course, he is simply the smarmy opportunist he appears to be …

Harsh. I’m not exactly a Romney supporter, but the reality is that he is a Mormon and most people consider that a fringe religion at best (I admit I’m not so sure about Mormonism, but then, I’m not so sure about any religion).  He knows he has to pander to those whose votes he wants. That’s politics. He has to make his own religion seem “normal”, whatever that means. And yet he has to continue to assure the far right that he won’t abandon their need for religion in the public forum. It’s a tight rope.

But, I don’t think his believing in some crazy system of metaphysics is really all that different that any other crazy belief. Like it or not, we only elect religious people in this country, and he’s just trying to assure people that he is just that, nothing more. He’s religious, not fanatic. That’s the message.

Now as for whether he’d make a good President, regardless of his religion, that’s another story.


One response to “Romney’s Religion

  1. I was just surfing and stumbled on this post. Makes sense to me. I tend to agree, Romney seems fairly normal. Thank you

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