Creationist Kills Evolutionist: What Would Jesus Do?

What would Jesus do if he found himself in an argument with someone with whom he disagreed? Maybe he’d stab him dead.

Apparently Alexander Christian York, a creationist, did just that during an argument about evolution with a biomedical scientist Rudi Boa in Australia:

All three were camping at Blowering Holiday Park and were camp neighbors, things going well until the topic of evolution/creationism came up towards the end of a night of drinking. The three entered into a heated debate (probably fueled by the alcohol), but things settled down, at least until they got back to camp. There, with all three being pissed, York stabbed Boa with a kitchen knife, Boa dying of his injuries.

If there was anything Jesus condoned, it was violence.  Seriously, how can any group of people on either side of a debate about an idea get so angry that they’d end up killing someone?  (Rhetorical).  Humans seem all too prone to this kind of behavior.

I’m an agnostic, and a fervent believer in Evolution.  But, I’m also a fervent believer in the moral teachings of Jesus.  He was right on.  We’re all brothers/sisters.  Love your neighbor.  And I’m rather sure that includes your campsite neighbor.


3 responses to “Creationist Kills Evolutionist: What Would Jesus Do?

  1. Jesus would not have argued with anyone.
    Jesus would not have gotten drunk.
    Jesus would never have retaliated.
    Jesus would have loved even his enemies.
    It is amazing the horrors committed in the name of Jesus that are absolutely, completely, irrefutably alien to His teachings.

  2. It is really a sad state of affairs when someone who portends to believe in the teachings of one of the most non-violent, genuine, and loving of all prophets/messiahs/philosophers ends up committing a brutal act of violence.

    It calls into question a persons understanding of what it is he thinks he believes.

  3. How many times did Jesus not give a direct answer to someone’s questions? How many times when he finally was attacked, he never fought back?

    Plus, remember…this was the alcohol’s fault. (Being extremely sarcastic here, which perhaps somewhat likely I shouldn’t be.)

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